Hi.  I’m Jon Rossitto.  We, as in the royal we, are a small, one-person shop producing high-quality woodworking that combines form with function, creating useful objects with an emphasis on unique design.  My passion for woodworking comes from an unshakable desire for making something important, creating beauty out of raw materials, and focusing an artistic drive into a tangible, utilitarian medium.  I developed a deep-seated passion for design and architecture, but building a house was a bit beyond my scope.  Furniture, however, is architecture on a manageable scale – and often can be the showpiece of even the most magnificent house.  Furniture also satisfies our most basic needs. 


I get little more satisfaction than after designing and building a functional and beautiful piece.  A desk for a client’s new office, a wine rack for a wine lover, a dining nook for a friend, a table for my sister, a to-die-for lounge chair from which I’ll sip a few beers: tools for life.  I’m deeply inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement of the early 20th Century in the United States and the United Kingdom.  Morris, Macintosh, Stickley, Limbert, Ellis, Wright.  They have been an inspiration for a century, just as they were influenced by the works of legions of unheralded craftsman from centuries before their time.  Simple lines and stout construction matched with beautiful yet unpretentious ornamentation.  Everything old is new again.